Owner/Founder QuickCase LLC 1993 – Present (21 years)Cincinnati Ohio Here's how I help as technologist/advisor: QuickCase LLC provides web hosting, database and Internet solutions for professionals. Having problems with your web hosting company? We actually talk and meet with our clients. We provide the technical back-end support for Internet applications. We work with web designers and IT managers who use our remote LAMP servers (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP). We are experts with VPS installs and can provide co-location services, too. Confused about technology? We consult with small businesses and law firms about how smart technology saves time and money. I have frequently lectured on technology topics ranging from the necessity of secure communications to strategies for backup and archival processes (yes, there's an important difference between the two). Think email is secure? NOT! I developed the Secure Client Exchange, an encrypted email server and client used for secure client communications and project management. From 1998 to 2003, I collaborated with Business Equipment Company, a software integrator and training company providing excellent support services to small and medium size law firms. This is where I really learned about the technical aspects of computer software integration, operating systems, databases and networking. My coast-to-coast federal tax practice relies on the secure communications provided by QuickCase LLC. We can provide the same for you at a reasonable cost. And my tax practice is virtually paperless. I sleep at nights knowing that all my files will be there tomorrow, safe and secure. Welcome to my website!

I publish this simple, yet extremely powerful website to bring together all aspects of my virtual presence on the Internet. I use the latest markup language (HTML5 and CSS3), so if your browser is out-of-date, you may not enjoy all of the features.

I am a lawyer, and this site links to all of my law-related sites.

I am a musician, and this site links to all of my musical interests. This includes performing with my band and others, producing talent shows, analyzing music theory, and being nuts about early progressive rock.

This website is so much more than a blog. Here I organize my thoughts about technology, the web, national politics, the Torah, cars and travel.

I am a heart attack survivor, so I have lots to say about health, healthcare and healthy choices.

Look, I like to tinker. I'm a thinker whilst I tinker. I have a number of interesting projects, like inexpensive home remodeling. And my latest: chopping a 425 lb. Hammond A100 organ to make it portable.

I'm always open to constructive suggestions, comments and criticisms. Illegitimi non carborundum.