Founding Member The Four Hubcaps 1971 – 2013 (42 years)Cincinnati, Ohio Now for something completely different (to quote from Monty Python). Here's what I do as a musician: Back in high school I founded this band, and we've been together for 43 years. I play keyboards, electric bass and sing bass doo-waps. We specialize "oldies," but I love playing more progressive, album rock. We've been the Midwest backup band for Bowser of Sha Na Na, and we've played on the same stage with Chubby Checker, the Shirelles and Doug Clark, and several New Years Eve galas with the Cincinnati Pops. I've played with Bill Spooner of The Tubes, and have attended breakout sessions with the bassists for Stan Kenton and Chuck Mangione. My favorite groups are The Mother of Invention and Procol Harum, symphonic classical/rock fusion. I emulate Gary Brooker and Matthew Fisher. These two keyboard artists, along with Frank Zappa, harken back to my days of studying classical piano and music theory. I studied music for over ten years with the renowned piano teacher and mentor, Frank Wolff. In a different life, I would have become a music director. I can visualize music. By ear, I can tell you its chord structure and musical key. I can chart and orchestrate songs. I enjoy working with young adults to push their musical talents beyond their comfort zone. That's why I got involved with Wyoming Corral Show. My wife Debra was in "Up With People" (you see them where ever you go!); my son Brian played trumpet in The Marching Hundred of Indiana University (then voted best performing band in the US); and my daughter Erica played clarinet with Miami University's Pep Band. My dad Wolf Stonehill played boogie woogie piano. My sister Cathy Stonehill is a fabulous guitarist. It runs in the family. I've got literally a ton of electronic gear, amplifiers and speakers, which I haul around in a custom trailer. I enjoy SWR, McIntosh, Roland, Korg, JBL, Moog, Fender and Rickenbacker gear. I just got a Hammond A100 to chop. Everyone should be involved with music. Trustee and Executive Director Emeritus Wyoming Teen Follies, an Ohio non-profit limited liability company 2002 – 2012 (10 years)Wyoming, Ohio Here's what I do as a community leader: Wyoming Teen Follies is an Ohio non-profit limited liability company which produces the "Wyoming Corral Show." This stage production is perhaps unique in America, an annual "community" supported teen talent show, completely independent of our local public schools. Over 100 teens and adults participate in its production. I was its Executive Director from 2004 to 2010. I'm now "Emeritus" status. "Corral" (which everyone calls it) is a variety show that has been presented every spring since the 1940s by the students of Wyoming High School, a nationally top ranked school. In recent years it has become a combination of a “talent show” and “Saturday Night Live”—a collection of musical acts, comedy skits, and a theme which is the title of the show. The real purposes of the show are twofold: for students to get together during the dreary winter months and develop from scratch a major event that shows off their musical, theatrical, writing and comedic talents; and for them to give something back to the community and school organizations that offer support to the teens of Wyoming, Ohio. I get a real kick out of pushing these talented teens past their comfort zones. Many have pursued professional careers in the arts. Others have never before held a microphone or performed before a live audience. Well, that's what Corral is all about. I was honored as 2007 Wyoming Citizen of the Year for my work with Corral. I "semi-retired" when my youngest kid graduated from high school. I want to organize a similar talent show for adults. What a hoot that would be!