I'm involved in all kinds of activities, the common thread being that I'm good at it, I enjoy doing it, and I like the people I work with. I can make a big difference.

I'm a community leader and lawyer volunteer. I read. I write. I lecture. I network. I'm a technologist and a trustee. I've been president of a condo association. I'm a heart attack survivor (bypass surgery). And, I'm a professional musician.

I met my wife, Debra, at a toga party in 1978. We married on January 5, 1980 for love and tax reasons (remember the marriage tax penalty?). She was in brand management at Proctor & Gamble, and we frolicked with the "Roamin' Bacchans," likeminded young couples who worked hard and played hard. We traveled a lot.

My son Brian graduated with honors from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. He was one of the first to major in supply chain management. You should see what he can do with an Excel spreadsheet. He works in Pittsburgh, PA as a product manager for Dick's Sporting Goods. No one is better at Scrabble than him (okay, I give up: "qi" and "qis" are words in the English language).

Daughter Erica graduates from Miami University at Oxford this year, and just won the prestigious Orr Fellowship competition. This spring, she'll start working for a startup marketing company in downtown Indianapolis, IN. She's a great public speaker and doesn't tolerate crap from me or anyone, just like her mother.

So, both of our kids are Hoosiers, whatever that is!


University of Cincinnati College of Law
Juris Doctorate, Law
1977 – 1980

I worked my way through law school as a professional musician. I also waited tables at a Mobil Three-Star restaurant, From my hands-on experience, I have advised numerous restaurateurs throughout my legal career, from a huge McDonalds franchisee (over 50 stores) to a tiny BBQ joint.

I was founding member of the ad hoc group which created the "Quintessential Decedents' Estates Outline" used by law students for years to prepare for the final exam.

I was Student Articles Editor for Law Review, and collaborated with Victor Schwartz on the products liability law symposium. I edited Dean Gordon A. Christenson's articles for publication. I do enjoy writing and consider myself somewhat of a wordsmith. I am easily amused by the anomalies of the English language. Go H.A. Rey, the master of prepositions!

I have always thought that the purpose of law school was not so much to teach you about the law (anyone can read a book), but rather how to think critically and deal with more than you ever thought possible.

Activities and Societies: Student Articles Editor, U. Cin. L. Rev. Article Editor for Dean Gordon A. Christenson

University of Cincinnati A&S Honors Program
B.A. with Honors, Economics
1974 – 1977

I earned 81 college credit hours from AP classes while attending Walnut Hills High School. So when I walked through the doors at the "University of Corryville," I was a second quarter sophomore, and did not have to live on campus.

I started as a math major and had wanted to become an actuary, but got completely turned off by Avogadro's Theorem. Economics was less calc.

I graduated with honors in 8 quarters. (Because AP scores were transposed to grades, it was mathematically impossible for me to graduate summa cum laude unless I had just 6 more credit hours with A's, but Dean Friedman kicked me out because I already had more than enough hours to graduate!) Honestly, I don't know why I was in such a hurry!

Walnut Hills High School
Class of 1974
1970 – 1974

I was on the reunion committee and we just had our 40th over Labor Day, 2014! Go Eagles!

We toured the Walnut facilities and there are no deficiencies. You could eat off the the floor of the reserve gymnasium. What ever happened to the Chatterbox Room?

(Most resilient high school quote: "If you don't take a shower . . . you're gonna die." Wilbur Bass)

Activities and Societies: Senior Class Vice President. Producer, PeaNuts talent show. Jazz Ensemble, electric bass. Art shows, paper mache. "Rap on Drugs" with Skipper Ryle. Fan of Raymond J. Brokamp. Not athletic at all.

Cincinnati Country Day School
Class of 1974
1968 – 1970

My parents wanted me to attend this then all-male private school in Indian Hill because of the 1968 race riots. Many of my good friends (John Stillpass, Charles Stewart, David Tumen, Mark Kirschner) attended, too.

There, I rubbed elbows with the privileged few. Rob Portman, our Ohio US senator and potential presidential candidate, was a classmate (he was my 8th grade lab partner) as was Joe Hagan, who worked for vice president Dick Cheney. I tell everyone that I'm a "Portman Democrat."

I enjoyed art class with Phyllis Pierce. She let us listen to records during class, and that's where and when I got deeply into Frank Zappa, Procol Harum and the progressive rock scene in general. The whole WEBN thing with "The Jelly Pudding Show" and Michael Xanadu was just getting started. This is the defining moment for my lifelong interest in music. Rest in peace, Louie Thayer.

I never felt like I really fit into the CCDS culture. So I left at the 9th grade for Walnut Hills. (Now you know why I never took Latin, something I regret.)

Pleasant Ridge Elementary School
Class of 1968
1964 – 1968

Usually, you don't delve into elementary school with your profile, but P Ridge is different, really.

We have an extremely active alumni association and unbreakable ties to our former classmates. I'd venture to say that many of us feel more warm and fuzzy about being a P Ridge alum than with our high school or college.

I was co-captain with classmate Paul Bayliss of the traffic crossing guards. I had this way cool silver "AAA" badge with a red background. It said Captain. I had that yellow octagonal sign and rode around the neighborhood on my Stingray bike with the banana seat, and checked to make sure everyone was at their crossing posts, rain or shine. I reported to Ms. Burkhart, the vice-principal. I'm sure that this was my first experience with being responsible for something other than at home.

My best friend David Tumen's mother, Betty, was the chair of the PTA and had access to all kinds of confidential information. She said that, by mistake, she had gotten access to the results of the 6th grade IQ tests, and that I had the highest score in the class, and that her David had the second highest score!

The old buildings were demolished several years ago, and today a modern Montessori operates on the grounds. But even the wrecking ball could not dampen our alumni spirits.

We toured the old school just prior to its obliteration, and later celebrated its rebirth with a party when the new facility opened.

I am spearheading an effort to organize a 50th year reunion for our 6th grade class which matriculated in 1968. Maybe we'll extend it to include other nearby years. Contact me if you attended P Ridge and want to help.