President Georgian Terrace Condominium Association 1983 – 1986 (3 years)Cincinnati, Ohio After Debra and I married, we moved to the Georgian Terrance, an elegant four story, turn-of-the-century apartment building in the tony neighborhood of Hyde Park, just up Madison Road from the O'Bryonville shopping district. It is a grand 17-unit building with a beautiful facade, ironwork ensconced solariums, high ceilings, marble stairs, Rookwood tile, oak floors, crown moldings and the most complicated roof you could ever imagine. Mostly professionals lived there who worked in downtown Cincinnati, just a few minutes' drive on scenic Torrence and Columbia Parkways. I was interested in real estate management, and expressed interest in leading the association to transition from the developers, who "condo-ized" the building, to complete independence from these knuckleheads. Along the way, we got the bad news about how much the deferred maintenance had created structural and cosmetic problems. I and the other officers spearheaded a $150,000 campaign to fund the restoration of the facade, fix the roof, modernize the boiler, secure the garages and stabilize the retaining wall. We lobbied and got unanimous agreement amongst all the owners, which was a challenge, These projects were bid out, and I acted as owner's representative. I resigned when we moved to the suburb of Wyoming, Ohio to raise our family. When I drive by the building today, I still see these improvements. The building remains a gem, as grand as ever. I feel gratified by having been at the helm of its stewardship for a few years. President C.M. Bigger, Inc. 1981 – 1982 (1 year)Reading, Ohio and Blue Ash, Ohio My father Wolf Stonehill was a businessman and owned several companies relating to the machine tool industry. C.M. Bigger, Inc. was a Chrysler Amplex plane bearing distributorship and LM76, Inc. developed unique linear motion bearings, really state-of-the-art technology. He had a machine shop with these big CAD machines. I worked there performing odd jobs while a teenager: ran lathes, did inventory, filled orders, made deliveries, and went on sales calls. This was a family business. My mother was the bookkeeper. At the time, Cincinnati was the considered the "Machine Tool Capital of the World," and we were part of it. Boy, have times changed. Representative clients included GE Aircraft Engine Division (Evendale, Ohio), National Cash Register (NCR, Dayton, OH). Cincinnati Milacron (Cincinnati, Ohio), P&G Manufacturing (Ivorydale, Ohio), Ford drive-trains and countless other shops and facilities up and down the Mill Creek Valley. In 1981, my father died suddenly at age 53. We circled the wagons and made tough decisions about what to do with his far-flung operations. I took a leave of absence from SM&R, and took over the operations with my mother. My father was prescient enough to have created a trade association of similar businesses in other territories throughout the US. There were several members who were very interested in the pieces of these businesses. So we decided to liquidate everything and made arrangements for all the employees to be transferred to the new owners. I regret that my wife Debra and I didn't take over the whole operations. This could have been really successful. But we had only been married 18 months when he died. I was just 25 years old and a lawyer at SM&R and my wife was in brand management at P&G. We would have had to quit our careers. And the business overhead was huge. And we had a responsibility to all the employees. And my father was no longer around to give us his sage advice. I still wonder whether we made the right decision. Welcome to my website!

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