While life is complicated, I make things simple. This takes effort, knowledge and guts. Focus on what's important, and forget about the rest. Don't worry needlessly; it's counterproductive. Hooked into a bad real estate deal? Let's negotiate a workout. If you're in foreclosure, let's make the lender prove its case (often they can't). Have a problem with cancellation of debt income? I have a coast-to-coast practice helping individuals, businesses and investors avoid the often unanticipated and technically challenging laws about taxation of CODI. Go to http://www.1099advisor.com. IRS on your case? I work with CPAs, EAs and tax preparers all over the country to help clients extricate themselves from bad tax situations. Go to http://www.1040advisor.com. Thinking bankruptcy? Forget it! I help you avoid bankruptcy. I have mastered debtor/creditor law and use this knowledge against pursuits of creditors. The threat of bankruptcy is far more powerful than actually filing, believe me. Why settle with creditors who can't prove their claims? Go to http://www.ohio-debt-relief.com. Specialties: Federal income taxation (with emphasis on cancellation of debt income), Ohio taxation, real estate, debtor/creditor, foreclosure defense, non-profit LLCs. Volunteer at Cincinnati Legal Aid Society. Technologist. Mentor. Advisor. Community leader. Musician. Husband and father. Experience Principal attorney, David N. Stonehill Co., LPA 1994 – Present (20 years)Cincinnati, Ohio Need solid legal advice? Member Schwartz, Manes, Ruby (& Slovin) Co., LPA 1980 – 1994 (14 years) This is a well-established, well-respected medium sized law firm in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. Its attorneys focus their practice in the areas of federal and state taxation, estate planning, retirement planning, wealth preservation, real estate, partnerships, franchising, labor and employment law, computer law and litigation. I was hired straight out of law school and was elected a member of the firm about 7 years later. I chaired the firm's office operations committee, which dealt with all the technology issues arising from the office's rapid growth in the 1980s, spread over 3 floors of the Carew Tower. This is when I got bit by the technology bug. I was perhaps the first attorney in Cincinnati to have a computer on my desk, an IBM 386 DX/4 running DOS 3.3 with a 14" monitor, modem and 9-pin ribbon printer. I think it cost $5000 back then. Remember "gophering"? It was a bittersweet decision to depart from the firm in my pursuit of a "technology practice." This led to my founding of QuickCase LLC, I am launching a LinkedIn Group, the "SM&R Alumni." This is a space where all the former attorneys and staff can reconnect, a huge group of professionals spanning almost 4 decades. Of course, those still with the firm can participate. We're all friends and colleagues. Congratulations to Dick Schwartz upon the Cincinnati Bar Association's recognition of his 50 years of practice! And to Scott Slovin for becoming the firm's heir apparent. For 34 years, I have practiced law based in Cincinnati, Ohio. I am "of counsel" with the law firm of John E. Stillpass Co., LPA located in beautiful downtown Blue Ash, Ohio. I work with a nationwide network of attorneys, CPAs, EAs and other professionals. Mindful of the need to protect sensitive client information, I use secure Internet technologies to communicate with everyone. I have a coast-to-coast federal income tax practice focusing on the taxation of cancellation of debt income reported on IRS Form 1099-C. I maintain a comprehensive website on the subject at http://www.1099advisor.com. I also focus on nagging federal and state income tax issues. Check out http://www.1040advisor.com. And I counsel on the difficult issues arising from reporting on foreign investments. Coming soon: http://fbaradvisor.com. I advise clients from California to New Hampshire, Michigan to Florida about how to eliminate or minimize the impact of cancellation of debt income. CODI arises from the restructuring of debt, loan modification agreements, the disposition of bad real estate deals and the elimination of excessive personal debt. And I frequently lecture on the topic. In Ohio, I practice real estate, foreclosure and debtor/creditor law, I advise small businesses and start-ups. I negotiate real estate workouts. I help clients avoid the awful consequences of declaring bankruptcy. I doggedly defend homeowners against adverse foreclosure actions and volunteer at Cincinnati Legal Aid Society. Email me at david@davidstonehill.com