Welcome to my website!

I publish this simple, yet extremely powerful website to bring together all aspects of my virtual presence on the Internet. I use the latest markup language (HTML5 and CSS3), so if your browser is out-of-date, you may not enjoy all of the features.

I am an Ohio licensed attorney, and this site links to all of my law-related sites.

I am a leader and this site notes my past accomplishments and current project.

I am a musician, and this site links to all of my musical interests. This includes performing with my band and others, producing talent shows, analyzing music theory, and being nuts about early progressive rock.

This website is so much more than a blog. Here I organize my thoughts about technology, the web, national politics, the Torah, cars and travel.

I am a heart attack survivor, so I have lots to say about health, healthcare and healthy choices.

I'm always open to constructive suggestions, comments and criticisms. Illegitimi non carborundum.